2011 ENR/Construction Times Releases Top 60 Chinese Contractors and Engineering Design Firms(24/11/2011)
No. 1 Unit of 2X300 MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project in Labuan, Indonesia Successfully Syncronized(07/31/2009)
Signing Ceremony for Terminal Engineering Services Contract of Zhejiang LNG Project, CNOOC Zhejiang Ningbo LNG Co., Ltd.(05/15/2009)
Project News: Phase II Expansion Project of 1 X 330 MW Thermal Power Plant, Uong Bi Vietnam (01/06/2009)
Phase I Operation Ceremony of Markor Chemical Industry Park, Xinjiang (10/02/2008)
EPC Contract of Phase II: 3000 TPY Polysilicon Project was Signed Between Shenzhou Silicon Industry Ltd., Inner-Mongolia and Chengda Engineering Corp. of China (09/22/2008)
Chengda Engineering Corporation of China -- No. 38 of ENR 2008 Ranking “The Top 200 International Design Firms” (07/29/2008)
Fujian LNG Project Saw Successful Unloading of First LNG Shipment(04/28/2008)
Chengda’s President Cao Guang met Vice President of Petro Vietnam(04/21/2008)
President Cao Guang Met Chairman of Board of Directors and President & CEO of Electricity Vietnam(04/21/2008)
Chengda Awarded “Sichuan Model Company for Making Public of Enterprise Affairs and Democratic Management”(04/14/2008)
Rankings in ENR 2007 Released(04/14/2008)
Wang Yunsheng, Liu Yiheng appointed as members of the 5th Experts Commission for China Commerce Chamber for Overseas Projects Contracting(04/14/2008)
Chengda Participated in Sichuan Urban Construction Science & Technology Expo(04/12/2008)
Chengda Arranged Trip to Sinopec Engineering Incorporation for Study and Exchange(04/03/2008)
Chengda Arranged Trip to Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited for Study and Exchange(04/03/2008)
Chengda Arranged Trip to Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute for Study and Exchange(04/02/2008)
Deputy Chief Engineer of Chengda Attended 5th Solar Silicon Conference of PHOTON(01/25/2008)
ENR “2007 ranking of the Top 60 Chinese Design Firms” & “2007 ranking of the Top 60 Chinese Contractors” (12/14/2007)
The White Paper Social Responsibility 2007 Annual Report of CHENGDA Engineering Corporation of China (11/30/2007)
Chengda-Designed Hainan 600,000 tpy Methanol Project of China Blue Chemical Ltd. passed the Final Check & Acceptance(10/22/2007)
EPC Contract of 1500 TPY Polysilicon Project was Signed Between Shenzhou Silicon Industry Co. Ltd., Inner-Mongolia and Chengda Engineering Corp. of China(09/28/2007)
Commencement Ceremony for Inner-Mongolia Silicon Industry Co. Ltd. – 1500TPY Polycrystalline Silicone Project(09/28/2007)
Federal State Unitary Enterprises State Scientific Research and Design Institute for Rare Metals Industry of Russia Visit CHENGDA(08/10/2007)
CHENGDA is Awarded as 25th Place in 2006 Ranking “Top 100 National Engineering Reconnaissance & Design Firms” (08/02/2007)

ENR 2007 Ranking “Top 200 International Design Firms”(08/02/2007)

Mr. Sun Zhi Was Conferred on “Recipient of Government Special Subsidy” by State Council of the People's Republic of China(07/20/2007)
Engineering Design & Services Subcontract Has Been Signed for Labuan 2 r 300 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Project Between Chengda Engineering Corp. of China and Southwest Electric Power Design Institute of China Power Engineering Consulting Group(07/19/2007)
Dow Corning’s Visit to CHENGDA(07/19/2007)
CHENGDA Has Been Rewarded as “Pilot Innovative Enterprises”(07/11/2007)
Technical Review Meeting of Labuan 2 X 300 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant, Indonesia (06/13/2007)

The Kick-off Meeting of China BlueChemical Ltd. Methanol Project (06/13/2007)

Engineering Design Contract for 3,400 tpd Methanol Project Has Been Signed Between China BlueChemical Ltd. and CHENGDA(06/11/2007)
BNP PARIBAS'Visit to CHENGA(05/22/2007)

2006 Ranking ENG Award Ceremony in Beijing(05/21/2007)

Latest Top Lists for “2006 Ranking of the Top 60 Chinese Design Firms ”and “2006 Ranking of the Top 60 Chinese Contractors”(05/11/2007)
CHENGDA’s Engineering Design Contract for 1,500 tpy Solar Grade Silicon Project of Dongfang Steam Turbine Works(05/11/2007)
Commencement Ceremony for Labuan 2X300 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Project, Indonesia(04/30/2007)

Basic Design Review Meeting for Labuan 2 ´ 300 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Project, Indonesia(04/27/2007)

President Leading Group of CHENGDA Had an Audience with Leaders of Sichuan Ethylene Project of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) (04/25/2007)
Kick-off Meeting in Jakarta for CHENGDA’s EPC Project:300 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Project Labuan Indonesia(04/24/2007)
Completely Startup: EPC Project of CHENGDA –2 * 300 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Project, Labuan Indonesia(04/24/2007)
Officially Signed: Engineering Design Contract for 450,000 tpy Ammonia & 800,000 tpy Urea Project between CHENGDA and Chongqing Jianfeng Chemical Industry Group(04/24/2007)
Officially Signed for the Contract of Indonesia Labuan 2x300MW Coal-Fired Power Plant(03/14/2007)

CHENGDA Won the Second Award of “Excellence in Architecture of Chemical Industry, 2006”(03/14/2007)

CHENGDA Won the Golden Key Award of The Third “Excellence in Engineering Management Project & EPC Project”(03/14/2007)

Leshan Yongxiang Resin Co. Ltd. and CHENGDA Signed the Engineering Design Contract for Solar Grade Silicon Project (02/28/2007)
1000 t/y Silicon Project of Sichuan Xingguang Silicon Technology Industry Co., Ltd Has Been Successfully Put Into Production (02/28/2007)
The Visit to the Jobsite of Myanmar YENI Pulp & Paper Project(02/28/2007)

Chengda officially sign 200,000 T/Y Methanol Plant Engineering Contract with Sichuan Dazhou Steel Group Co. Ltd.(02/13/2007)

Turkmenistan Mary Fertilizer Plant Retrofit Project jointly undertaken by Chengda, China International Trust & Investment Company, and No. 2 Institute of Chemical Industry(02/13/2007)
Chengda Signed Contract with Emei Semi-conductor Material Plant for Engineering Design for 500 TPY Circuit-class Polysilicon Technical Retrofit Project(01/08/2007)
Chengda Awarded the Title “Star Company” by Scientific & Technical Association of SichuanProvince(01/08/2007)

Chengda Signed Contract with Asian Silicon Industrial Co. Ltd. for Polysilicon Project(12/31/2006)

IKPP 220t/h CFB Boiler Project Undertaken by Chengda Put into Production Successfully(12/14/2006)

Vice President of China Export& Import Bank Visited Chengda(12/12/2006)

Contract for BOSOWA 2X125MW Coal-fired Power Plant Officially Signed (11/30/2006)

On-spot Report on Ciliacap Coal-fired Power Plant-Indonesian President Greeting President Caoguang(11/30/2006)

Chengda awarded by Indonesian Government (11/30/2006)

Kick-off Meeting of Ammonia Plant for Tarim Fertilizer Project held at Chengda (11/27/2006)

Counselors of the State Council Visited Chengda for Investigation and Study(11/27/2006)

Fujian LNG Storage Tank Roof-mounting Ceremony (11/20/2006)
Chengda and President Caoguang Awarded with “Model Survey and Design Enterprise” and “Model Entrepreneur” Respectively (11/20/2006)
Chengda Passes QHSE Conformity Credential Prereview (11/16/2006)
Chengda’s President Cao Guang and Vice President Lu Zhengping and Liu Yiheng met with Indonesian President Susilo (11/02/2006)
Chengda Awarded Medals by Indonesian Government (11/02/2006)
Chengda Signed HOA at 2nd Sino-Indonesian Energy Forum (11/02/2006)

Foundation Laying Ceremony for Polysilicon Material Project Held at Yichang(11/02/2006)

Liu Yiheng and Zhou Shilin awarded the title “ International Outstanding Project Manager” and “Exemplary Project Managing Personnel” Respectively (10/19/2006)
“2006 Overseas Projects Contractors of China ” and “2006 National Model Enterprises for Overseas Projects Contracting/Labor Cooperation” Released(10/12/2006)
Leaders of Chitianhua Group Co. Ltd. Visited Chengda (10/12/2006)

Reports on Taking Over and Inspection of 1# and 2# Units of Indonesia CILACAP 2X300MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project (10/12/2006)

Vice President Sunzhi and National Design Master and Vice Chief Engineer Zeng Jilong were awarded Models of Architectural Industry of Sichuan Province (09/26/2006)
Chengda Self-developed 200,000TPY Ammonia Synthesis Plant Passed Inspection & Acceptance(09/22/2006)
Ranking for Revenue from Engineering Project Management in 2006 and 2006 Business Turnover from Turn-key Projects (09/21/2006)
Letter of Congratulation(09/21/2006)
Chengda ranked 40th position in “Ranking for Revenue from Engineering Project Management in 2005”, and 4th position in “Top 100 Business Turnover from Turn-key Projects in 2005” (09/12/2006)
Chengda and Nanbo Group. Co. Ltd Signed Contract for Design of 1,500 TPA Polysilicon Plant (09/11/2006)
Official Foundation Laying of Petrochina Talimu Fertilizer Project (08/29/2006)

Congratulations! Chengda Ranked 66th in “2006 Top 150 Global Engineering Firms” in ENR(08/24/2006)

Chengda Participated Shanghai Integrated Isocyanates Project Put into Commercial Operation (08/24/2006)

Uzbekistan KUNGRAD Soda Ash Plant Successfully undergone Commissioning with Products Generated (08/16/2006)

Chengda’s President Directed Work at the Site of Leshan Xinguang 1,000 TPY Polysilicon Project (08/11/2006)
SMBC Called upon Chengda(08/10/2006)

Warm Congratulations! Chengda Ranked 28th in “2006 Top 200 International Engineering Firms” from ENR(07/31/2006)

Bulletin of Good News(07/24/2006)

Director General of Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Mr. Xie Haihua Came to Chengda to Direct work (07/24/2006)
President of Chengda Caoguang met with Leaders of CNOOC Chemical Co. Ltd. at Dongfang, Hainan (07/13/2006)
S-LON LANKA(PVT) LTD Called on Chengda (07/10/2006)
Director General of Chemical Bureau of Myanmar (1) Industrial Ministry Mr. Wuliangang Called upon Chengda (07/10/2006)
“Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management System” (QHSE) of Chengda Engineering Corporation Officially Released (07/04/2006)
Congratulations on Chengda’s Party Committee being awarded the Title “Advanced Grass Roots Party Committee” by the Party Committee of National Resources Commission of the State Council (07/04/2006)
Title of “ Advanced Grass Roots Party Organization” awarded to Chengda’s Party Committee by the Party Committee of National Resource Commission of SichuanProvince (07/04/2006)

President of Chengda, Caoguang Met with Indonesian Senior Officials at Beijing (06/16/2006)

First Prize of Golden Valve Award to Chengda’s Works (06/16/2006)
Turkmenistan Fertilizer Corporation Visited Chenda (06/16/2006)
Sichuan Provincial Government Deputy Nomarch Mr. Huang Xiaoxiang Met With IndonesianState Enterprises Minister and Indonesian Ambassador in P.R.China (06/06/2006)
IndonesianState Enterprises Minister Visit CHENGDA (06/06/2006)
Headquarter CCO of Bank of China Called in CHENGDA (06/06/2006)
Managers of Wacker Germany Paid a Visit to CHENGDA(05/30/2006)
Jiangsu Su Chemical Industry Group Zhangjiagang Co. Ltd(05/30/2006)
Top Officers of OFA Asia Investment Co. Ltd and Marriott Called In CHENGDA(05/30/2006)
Myanmar Minister of Economic & Commercial Called On CHENGDA (05/30/2006)
Indonesian Economic & Commercial Counselor in P.R. China and PT. PLN Company Called In CHENGDA(05/30/2006)
Chengda Engineering Corporation of China Joint the Interlocution of Indonesian 8000MW Power Plant Projects(05/30/2006)
Grand and Solemn Commencement Ceremony---- Myanmar YENI Pulp & Paper Project(04/25/2006)
Putting Into Commercial Operation! 1# Generator Set of Indonesia Cliacap 2×300MW Coal Fired Power Plant Project(04/13/2006)
Aviso on Commending Overseas Projects of CHENGDA from Sichuan Provincial People’s Government(03/20/2006)

Deputy Governor of Fujian Province Visit the Jobsite of Fujian LNG Project Main-Contracted by CHENGDA and CB&I (03/13/2006)

Commencement Ceremony ---Sichuan 800,000 TPY Ethylene Project(03/01/2006)
Held Has Been, in Chengda! Overseas Engineering Contractors & Investing Corporations Conference of SichuanProvince(03/01/2006)
Chengda, Rewarded Again! In “McGraw-Hill Construction ENR/Constriction Times: Top 60 Chinese Contractors & Top 60 Chinese Design Firms Award”(02/27/2006)
Passed, in Closed Circle Electricity-Generation Test! 150 MW Power Station Project Convened & Originated by Chengda, Palebang Indonesia(11/30/2005)

Engineering Design Contract for Fertilizer Project Has Been Signed Between Chengda & Sino-Chemical: Chongqing Fulin Chemical Industry Co. Ltd(10/25/2005)

Well done! 100,000 tpy Chlor-Alkali Membrane Project,Yunnan Salt Chemicals(09/19/2005)

Vice-Premier Zeng Peiyan of State Department Inspected the Project Site of Fujian LNG Project, Jobbed by the Turnkline Contractor: Chengda Associated with CBI America(09/12/2005)

Well Done! 360,000 tpy Chlor-Alkali Membrane Project & 400,000 tpy PVC Project of Yili Chemical Industry Stock Co. Ltd., Inner Mongolia(09/05/2005)

Chengda Co./Chuanwei Group signed the MOU Valued US$ One Billion with Indonesian Cooperators(09/05/2005)

The Minister of the Ministry of Industry (1) of Burma met with Mr. Sunzhi, Vice President of Chengda.(08/29/2005)
The Minister of the Ministry of National Enterprises of Indonesia met with Mr. Liu Yiheng, Vice President of Chengda.(08/29/2005)
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd (MES) of Japan visited Chengda.(08/22/2005)
Xinjiang Markor 1,4-butylene Project which is undertaken by Chengda in PMC mode is going smoothly.(08/22/2005)
1,4- butylene Project of Tianhua Co. Ltd is under construction.(08/15/2005)
200,000TPY Ammonia Project of Meifeng Chemical Stock Co. ltd. of Sichuan has been put into production successfully.(08/08/2005)
The engineering work for 2 sets of 300,000TPY Ammonia and 520,000TPY Urea Project of Erdos UnionChemical Co. Ltd has been started.(08/08/2005)
Chengda has successfully signed the contract with Inner Mongolia Yize Investment Co. Ltd. for engineering design for 200,000TPY Methanol Project of Phase I of 1,800,000 MTPA Methanoland Converted Olefine Project.(08/01/2005)
400,000TPY Methanol Project of Lutianhua is under construction. (08/01/2005)
Xinda Construction Management Co. of Chengda Engineering Corp. of China was awarded a title as Model Company among Construction Management Companies in China in July of 2005 by the Ministry of Construction. (07/25/2005)
On July 23, Chengda Engineering Corp. of China was awarded a title as Model Company of SichuanProvince in Foreign Economic Cooperation by the People’s Government of Sichuan Province. (07/25/2005)
The top 100 project survey and engineering companies with highest revenue in 2004 were announced by the Information Center of the Ministry of Construction. Chengda Engineering Corp. of China is ranked at 21st position. (07/21/2005)
The prize projects in project management and EPC contracting in Year 2004 were announced several days ago by China Survey and Engineering Association and China Engineering Consultation Association. DowChemicalIndustrial Park (Phase II) Project in Zhangjiagang, undertaken by Chengda was awarded with Golden Key Prize for EPC contracting, and Bulk Urea Storage and Handling Warehouse in Indonesia by Chengda was awarded with Copper Key Prize for EPC contracting. (07/21/2005)
The largest methanol project in Asia was started for construction on June 19, 2005 in Ge’ermu. The total investment will be RMB 1.57 billion. The engineering work will be undertaken by Chengda. (07/10/2005)

On May 10, 2005, the foundation laying ceremony for the Chemical Industrial Park of Xinjiang Markor Group and starting ceremony for Phase I Project, the 60 KTPA BDO Project was held in Korla. Phase I Project includes natural gas-based acetylene, air separation, methanol, formaldehyde, 1,4-butanediol, furan tetroxide and hydrogen recovery plants and supporting thermal power station. It will be the first BDO plant using natural gas-based acetylene, and be the largest BDO plants so far in China. Chengda undertake PMC and engineering work for the Project. (05/27/2005)

Chengda was awarded with the title of Technical Renovation Model Company in Chemical Industry in Year 2004 by China Petroleum and Chemical Industrial Association. (05/10/2005)
In the morning of April 15, 2005, starting ceremony of Fujian LNG Terminal and Trunkline Project of CNOOC was held in XiuyuPort, Putian City, Fujian Province. Some of Chengda’s top management personnel attended the ceremony. (05/05/2005)
EPC Contract of Fujian LNG Storage Tank Project was awarded to the bidding consortium of CBI, USA and Chengda on March 29, 2005. (04/15/2005)
The top 30 companies with highest overseas project contracting revenue in 2004 were announced by China international Contractors Association (CHlNCA) charged the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C. Chengda Engineering Corp. of China is ranked at 29th position (5th position in petrochemical industry). Chengda is the only one engineering company in the top 30 companies. (04/09/2005)
The 200,000 MTPA Ammonium Chloride and Soda Ash Co-production Plant of Sichuan Leshan Hebang Chemical Co., Ltd. designed by Chengda was commissioned in the morning of Oct. 16, 2004. After three-month test-run, the plant successfully reached the design capacity on Jan. 5, 2005. (02/20/2005)
The kick-off meeting for 240,000 MTPA Caustic Soda and 250,000 MTPA EDC/VCM Project of LG-Bohai Chemical Co., the joint-venture of LG Chem (holding company) of Korea and Tianjin Bohai Chemical Group of China, was held from Jan. 26 ~29 in Chengda. This is the biggest project of LG, Korea invested in China. It will be located in Tianjin Lingang Development Zone and scheduled to be start up in the later half of 2006. Chengda undertakes engineering, procurement service, construction/start-up work and technical support/services for the Project. It is cooperation again between Chengda and LG Group after LG-Dagu PVC Project and LG-Yongxing ABS Project. (02/15/2005)

Bulletin of Glad News:One of the large sized overseas invested project in type of BOOT undertaken : Today PALEBANG 150 MW power station project of Indonesia is successful in open cycle power generation and has supplied power to PLN already.
This project is the fist large sized overseas invested project in type of BOOT in China. During over three years of preparation work and more than one year of engineering construction, under the concern, support and help of the leadership of national departments concerned, we overcame numerous difficulties and achieved the fruit of friendship of Sino-Indonesia people by our hardworking - PALEBANG 150 MW Power Station.
The successful power generation of this project is a successful try to respond to the call of 'Going Out' strategy of the Party Central Committee, by which our country have prepared firm foundation for other large sized overseas invested engineering projects undergoing and to be performed in Indonesia. We shall continue to follow the instruction of the strategy policy of 'Going Out' of the Party Central Committee, hold together and make strenuous efforts to win over greater achievements.(09/03/2004)

“Engineering News-record”(ENR), the famous international engineering authorized magazine has recently released “the Top 200 International Design Firms in 2003”. Chengda Engineering Corporation of China is ranked No. 83, up 18 from No. 101 last year. This ranking is based on the business turnover from projects outside the home country of each firm. There are 12 Chinese companies in the list, among which, Chengda is in the third position. (07/28/2004)
Chengda Top Management Visited Pale 150MW GFCC Power Plant
Mr. Cao Guang/ President and Mr. Sun Zhi/vice President visited Palembang 150MW GFCC Power Plant Job Site on July.

From April 15 ~ 16, 2004, the Global Construction Summit in 2004 was held in Beijing. Leading contracting enterprises and engineering companies from China and around the world gathered together at this glorious conference hosted by McGraw Hill Construction, USA and China International Contractors Association. At the conference, the publication Engineering News-Record (ENR) under McGraw Hill Construction awarded prizes to Chinese firms that are ranked among the latest Top 225 Global Contractors and Top 200 Engineering Firms. Chengda Engineering Corp. of China is ranked at 33 rd position among the 43 Chinese companies listed in the Top 225 Global Contractors, and ranked at 4 th position among the 8 Chinese firms listed in the Top 200 Engineering Firms. (06/10/2004)

On June 2, Hubei Yihua Group sent a Letter of Thanks to our company, expressing their gratitude to us for our work in their 50,000 MTPA Ion Membrane Caustic Soda Plant, which was designed by our company and has been completed within nine months and successfully undergone performance test. At present, the Plant is under normal and stable operation. (06/04/2004)
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