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  • Soda ash process technology

    Design of large and medium-sized soda ash plant using chlorine-alkali process and co-production process, and with patent (proprietary) technology which is advanced ...

  • Chlorine-alkali technology

    Design of soda ash plant of various capacities and chlorine processed product plant is our strong sector. Most of the plants inside China are designed by Chengda, also some...

  • Fertilizer technology

    Large and medium sized plants producing and processing ammonia with natural gas, heavy oil and coal as raw materials.

  • Synthesis material and plastic technology

    Chengda is the first batch of engineering companies undertaking design of synthesis resin, synthesis rubber, synthesis fibre and plastics projects.

  • Petroleum and natural gas chemical technology

    Taking petroleum and natural gas as raw materials to produce ethylene, propylene and conduct relevant downstream processing.

  • Utilities

    Coal-fired power station, power substation and distribution and transformation station, waste heat boiler + power recovery project, water intake, purified water and circulating water...

  • Architecture, environment project

    Our company is Grade A architectural design company, currently(Year 2005) having 152 personnel of architecture and structure discipline, of whom 4 are Class I registered architect...

  • EPC contract

    So far our company has undertaken over 40 general contracting projects at home and abroad, including Uzbekistan 100,000TPY soda ash plant and Burma paper production plant...

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